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Motto Premium Android Developer File Hosting
Founded July 31, 2010[1]
Owner Snipanet Services, Inc.
Forum RootzWiki[2]
IRC on Freenode IRC
Uptime Check Pingdom
Key Persons Denham Crafton (Founder)
Alex Blair (Administrator)
Mike Campbell (Lead Developer)
Chris Trotman (App Developer)
Twitter Google+ is a free Android file-hosting site. It was founded by Denham Crafton to provide a fast, centralized site to download ROMs, kernels, apps, themes, and tools for Android. The site is administered by Alex Blair, and coding for the site is mostly contributed by Mike Campbell. Chris Trotman and Mike are the primary developers for the official application.

The site underwent re-branding in April of 2012. The previous title was Free Premium Android File Hosting. The new title is Premium Android Developer File Hosting. provides a number of services, including file hosting, compile server for developers, and much more. All services are provided for free unless otherwise noted.


File Hosting

The primary function of is to provide a file hosting service to users. It utilizes a variety of features, such as a being able to search by MD5sum or file name, compatibility with CLI tools such as wget, display of MD5sums on landing pages, and custom sorting and browsing of folders.

Landing pages are shown on the site to provide a means to monetize hotlinks. They also display the MD5 of whatever file is being downloaded, to provide an easy means for the user to confirm file integrity if the developer has not posted the MD5 elsewhere. They are removed for users downloading via command line tools such as wget, or for sponsors and developers who are logged in. Pop-ups are never shown on landing pages, making them more user friendly and less intrusive. is the official developer hosting site of RootzWiki, allowing for integration between the sites via profiles. In addition to free hosting and bandwidth for developers on the site, also provides services for an UnrEVOked download mirror,,, and more.

Incremental builds can be created for developers who choose to opt-in. They are automatically created but require that the developer have integrated their ROM so that the server can compare builds directly in sequence. Overall, they allow for a faster download, and faster installation of ROM updates.


The official app for is GooManager, available in the Google Play Store,[3] direct download on the site,[4] and on Chris's GitHub[5] for easy inclusion within ROMs.

App Features

  • Notifications of ROM updates at boot and every twelve hours (configurable) if developer has integrated support.
  • Notification of Google Apps package updates.
  • Flashing of ROMs, kernels, or other ZIPs via compatible recoveries, such as TWRP 2.1.
  • Browsing of ROMs compatible with a user's device (Requires that the developer has integrated their ROM).
  • Easy browsing of files on the website.
  • Developers can mark a recommended Google Apps package for their ROM, which will be offered to users to download when browsing that ROM.
  • MD5sums are checked upon download completion. If download was corrupted, the user is notified.
  • Download destination is configurable.
  • Can download and install a compatible recovery.
  • Sponsors and developers can log in to the app, allowing them to bypass landing pages for downloads.
  • Files downloaded to other directories can be added to the ZIP queue.
  • Management of files in app's download folder.
  • Viewing of compatible incremental builds which save time and bandwidth for users.


Adding integration of the app into a ROM is fairly easy. The first step is to add three lines to system/build.prop:

  • A developer's username on For example, if their folder is, the developerid is s0updev.
  • A unique title for the ROM which does not have to be unique across devices.
  • An integer value for the ROM's version number. For most developers, simply using the build compiling time is easiest.



Several developers that use have provided their own examples, including AOKP,[6] TeamEOS,[7] and Crossbones.[8] A script has also been created[9] which will add the required lines after a ROM has been compiled and re-sign the ZIP.

Compiling Server announced that they are providing a server for developers to use for compiling their ROMs, for free.[10] It takes under twenty minutes per Ice Cream Sandwich build if no other developers are compiling, and under ten minutes for Gingerbread. This provides developers who do not have a computer powerful enough or uplink fast enough, to compile and upload a ROM or kernel easily. The server has a high bandwidth connection, allowing for quick transfers of compiled ROMs to the website.


Gerrit instances can be provided for larger development teams in need of an ability to manage and screen contributions to their source code. Developers interested in obtaining a Gerrit instance for their team should contact Alex Blair for further information.


Developers are provided a number of tools to make use of as easy as possible. A developer portal exist to allow for browser uploads of files, adding of changelogs, marking specific Google Apps packages as being recommended for their ROMs, changing their password, or creating custom pages or headers on the site. RSS feeds are available to list a developer's files. Developers are also given the same privilege as sponsors in that they do not have to view landing pages when logged in to the app or site.

FTP, SFTP, and SSH tools are provided to allow for file management as well as other means of uploading. For example, a developer may copy their work from the Dropbox's Public folder by using wget to download the files. Another developer may prefer to use rsync or scp to copy files from their home computer or another server, or to keep a mirror synchronized. Tools have been provided to make setting up of an SSH/SFTP configuration easier for developers who are not familiar with SSH or public keys.[11]

Developer Sign-Up

Developers looking for hosting of their files or other services are invited to fill the signup form.[12] Additionally, they can join the IRC channel and contact the site staff members. administrators screen all sign-ups and reserve the right to reject any developer. Accounts may be terminated at the discretion of the administration, or under the partnership: If an account is terminated at one site, it is terminated at the other.


Users who donate at least US$10.00 will be given sponsor status. Sponsorship allows for the bypassing of landing pages both on the website, and within the app when logged in. Sponsorship does not expire over time. More information is available on the site.[13] It is recommended that any ad blockers be disabled while going through the donation process, in order to prevent conflicts with the post-donate account creation form.

IRC Channel

An IRC channel is available to communicate with the administration and diagnose issues users or developers may be having with the site. It is available on the Freenode IRC network in A web chat is also available.


A JSON API is available to allow for listing of files and downloads, and is available for anyone to use. Use of the API does not in any way allow for bypassing of the landing pages or any other restrictions. Documentation for browsing, searching, and Google Apps package updates is available.[14]


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