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Epic 4G (Victory)
Samsung Epic 4G.jpg
Manufacturer: Samsung Samsung-icon.png
Released On: August 31, 2010
Android Version: 2.3.5
Shipped With: Not Known
Product Model: Not Known
Product Device: Not Known
Model Number: Not Known
P___IMG: N/A
Dimensions: 124 x 65 x 14 mm
Weight: 155 g
Carriers: Sprint
Display: 4" Super AMOLED
CPU: 1GHz Hummingbird Processor
GPU: Not Known
RAM: 512 MB
Internal Memory: 1GB
Memory Card: preinstalled 16 GB microSD
Mobile Radios: Not Known
WiFi: Not Known
Bluetooth: bluetooth 2.1
FM Radio: Not Known
GPS: Not Known
Battery: 1500 mAh
Camera: 5MP, 702p video, LED flash
Secondary Camera: 1.3MP front facing camera
HDMI Out: Not Included
USB Connector: Not Included
Additional Features: slide out QWERTY keyboard, 4G WIMAX support, Gorilla Glass screen
Rooted: yes
Locked Bootloader: no

How to root (Windoze only... sorry) :

So you got an Epic 4G, great choice. But you also want the freedom that comes with a rooted android, enough said.

1) First we need to download the essentials. Grab this and this.

2) extract the file called "SPH-D700-EI22-EC05-MODEM-8gb-REL-ROOTED.TAR" from the .zip you downloaded and place it somewhere you can easily find it.

3) connect your epic with a USB

4) shut down your Epic, after waiting a while for it to shut down, slide out the keyboard and press the "1" key while pressing the power button, this will boot you into download mode which looks like an android guy digging.

5) open the program you downloaded called "Odin" and go to the button that says "PDA"

6) select the .TAR file you downloaded and extracted

7) after this, if Odin has a little yellow box in it that says "Com:(whatever number)" hit the "start" button


9) once done, it will automatically reboot and you'll be on your way with a rooted phone!

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